Hospital Records and Record-Keeping, c. 1850-c. 1950, Part I: The Development of Records in Hospitals

  • Barbara Lazenby Craig

Author Biography

Barbara Lazenby Craig
Barbara L. Craig became the Archivist of York University, Toronto, in January 1989. She was previously the archivist responsible for records of the provincial Ministry of Health, including records of public general hospitals, at the Archives of Ontario. In 1989 she completed a degree in the Doctorate Programme of the School of Library Archive and Information Studies, University of London, England, where her dissertation was entitled "Hospital Records in London, England, and the Province of Ontario, Canada, 1800 to 1950." She is a past president of the Association of Canadian Archivists (1983-84), and is currently Chair of the Publications Committee of ACA, Chairperson of the Ontario Council of Archives, and a Fellow of the Founders College at York University.
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Craig, Barbara Lazenby. 1989. “Hospital Records and Record-Keeping, C. 1850-C. 1950, Part I: The Development of Records in Hospitals”. Archivaria 29 (January), 57-87.

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