The InterPARES 2 Project (2002-2007): An Overview

  • Luciana Duranti


The second phase of the InterPARES Project built upon the findings of the first phase (1999– 2001) to address the challenge of the permanent preservation of reliable, accurate, and authentic digital records created and maintained in interactive and dynamic systems in the course of all kinds of human activities. This overview describes the goal and methods of the project, and outlines findings and products to provide a framework for the articles published in the Archivaria section entitled, “Reflections on InterPARES.”


La deuxième phase du projet InterPARES s’appuie sur les conclusions de la première phase (1999–2001) afin d’aborder le défi de la préservation permanente de documents numériques fiables, exacts et authentiques, créés et maintenus dans des systèmes interactifs et dynamiques au cours de toutes sortes d’activités humaines. Ce survol décrit le but et les méthodes de ce projet, et il dresse les grandes lignes des conclusions et des produits afin de fournir un cadre de travail pour les articles publiés dans Archivaria, dans la section intitulée «Réflexions sur InterPARES».

Author Biography

Luciana Duranti
Luciana Duranti is chair of the Master of Archival Studies Program at the School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies of the University of British Columbia, and a professor of archival theory, diplomatics, and the management of digital records in both its master’s and doctoral archival programs. Prior to moving to Canada in 1987, she was a researcher in the professorial ranks of the Special School for Archivists and Librarians at the University of Rome, and served as state archivist in the State Archives of Rome. For her university work, she was honoured in 1999 with the Faculty Association’s Academic of the Year Award, in 2005 with the Killam Research Prize, and in 2007 with the Jacob Biely Research Prize, the University of British Columbia’s “premier research award.” She is active nationally and internationally in several archival associations and in boards and committees, such as Italy’s Supreme Council for Cultural Properties (2007–2010), the UNESCO International Advisory Committee of the Memory of the World Program (2007–2011), and was the president of the Society of American Archivists (1998–1999). She publishes widely on archival history and theory, and on diplomatics. Dr. Duranti’s research aims at finding solutions to digital records issues that are not specific to a given socio-cultural and juridical context but can be universally applied. She is presently Project -Director of InterPARES (1999–2012), the largest research project on the long-term preservation of authentic electronic records. For the InterPARES contribution to the management of authentic digital records, Dr. Duranti has been honoured with the 2006 Emmett Leahy Award, which is annually presented by the Institute of Certified Records Managers to “an individual who is internationally recognized as a leader and innovator in the area of records and information management,” and with the 2006 British Columbia Innovation Council Award, which is annually presented to “an individual who has opened new frontiers to scientific research.”
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