InterPARES 2 and the Records-Related Legislation of the European Union

  • Fiorella Foscarini


This article provides an overview of European Union legislation, policy, and regulations relating to the requirements for the preservation of digital records. It also serves as a window into one line of inquiry being undertaken in the InterPARES 2 project, that is, the study of the barriers and enablers to the preservation of digital records that may be found in the enabling legislation of a number of countries all over the world, including the European Union as a supranational entity.


Ce texte fournit un aperçu de la législation, des politiques et des règlements de l’Union européenne par rapport aux exigences pour la préservation des documents numériques. Il sert aussi comme point d’entrée à un champ d’enquête sur lequel le projet InterPARES 2 s’est penché, c’est-à-dire l’étude des barrières et des outils pour la préservation des documents numériques qui peuvent se trouver dans la législation de bon nombre de pays dans le monde, y inclus l’Union européenne en tant qu’entité supra-nationale.

Author Biography

Fiorella Foscarini

Fiorella Foscarini is a Senior Archivist at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Before this she worked in the Province of Bologna (Italy) as Head of the Provincial Registry Office and Intermediate Archives. She holds a university degree in arts and philosophy from the University of Bologna, a graduate degree in archival science, palaeography, and diplomatics from the State Archives School in Bologna, and a Masters degree in Design and Management of Advanced Record Systems from the University of Urbino (Italy). She is currently a PhD candidate at the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies of the University of British Columbia. In 2004, she joined the InterPARES 2 Project as a graduate research assistant. Her professional and research interests are functional analysis and records classification systems, diplomatics of contemporary records, archival policy, and legislation.

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