Archives, Truth, and Reconciliation

  • Albie Sachs


This lecture by Justice Albie Sachs of the South African Constitutional Court recounts his “archive fever.” Archivaria asked Verne Harris of the Nelson Mandela Foundation to prepare a short introduction.


Cet exposé du juge Albie Sachs de la Cour constitutionnelle de l’Afrique du Sud (South African Constitutional Court) évoque sa « fièvre des archives ». Archivaria a demandé à Verne Harris de la Fondation Nelson Mandela de préparer une brève introduction.

Author Biography

Albie Sachs
Albie Sachs has a lengthy career in human rights activism. As a practising lawyer, he defended people charged under racist statutes and repressive security laws during the period of apartheid in South Africa. In 1966 he went into exile. After spending eleven years studying and teaching law in England, he worked for a further eleven years in Mozambique as a law professor and legal researcher. In 1988 he was blown up by a bomb placed in his car in Maputo by South African security agents, losing an arm and sight in one eye. During the 1980s, he worked closely with Oliver Tambo, leader of the ANC in exile. After the first democratic election in 1994, he was appointed by President Nelson Mandela to serve on the newly established Constitutional Court.
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Sachs, Albie. 1. “Archives, Truth, and Reconciliation”. Archivaria 62 (1), 1-14.