The "English Report" and Archives: A Critical Appreciation

  • Terry Cook

Author Biography

Terry Cook

Terry Cook is Visiting Professor in the graduate programme in Archival Studies at the University of Manitoba. He has also taught at the School of Information, University of Michigan. Until 1998, he was a senior manager at the National Archives of Canada, where he directed the appraisal and records disposal programme for government records in all media. He has been published on every continent on a wide range of archival subjects; has conducted numerous institutes, workshops, and seminars on appraisal, electronic records, and archival ethics across Canada and internationally, especially in Australia and South Africa; and has served as General Editor of Archivaria, as well as Editor of two scholarly series/journals of the Canadian Historical Association. He is the author of The Archival Appraisal of Records Containing Personal Information: A RAMP Study With Guidelines (1991). His latest books, Electronic Records Practice: Lessons from the National Archives of Canada (editor) and Imagining Archives: Essays and Reflections by Hugh A. Taylor (co-editor) will appear later this year, as will two special issues (as co-editor) of Archival Science on the theme, "Archives, Records, and Power." He is a Fellow of the Society of American Archivists and holds a Ph.D. in Canadian History from Queen’s University. His continuing research interests are archival theory, archival appraisal, the history of archives generally, and the history of the National Archives of Canada.

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