The Appraisal of Personal Papers: A Critical Literature Review

  • Riva A. Pollard


This article examines the notable absence of personal papers from dominant appraisal models, both historically and at present, as well as the inadequacies of our current literature in addressing issues central to the appraisal of personal papers. It then suggests that appraisal methodologies which focus on the societal context of records and the functions and motivations of their creators may have valuable contributions to make in the further consideration of this much neglected area of archival theory.

Author Biography

Riva A. Pollard
Riva A. Pollard is an Archival Specialist with the Special Collections and Preservation Division of the Chicago Public Library. She earned her M.S.I. (Master of Science in Information) from the University of Michigan School of Information in May 2001, with specializations in library and information services, and archives and records management.
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Pollard, Riva A. 2001. “The Appraisal of Personal Papers: A Critical Literature Review”. Archivaria 52 (November), 136-50.
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