Review, Restructure, and Reform: Record-Keeping Standards in the New Zealand State Sector

  • Michael Hoyle


This paper examines public management theory and practice as it evolved in New Zealand and considers the role of standard setting as it applies to record keeping in this environment. It outlines the development of the recordkeeping profession and establishment of the National Archives in New Zealand as well as the recent reviews and restructuring of the Archives. It discusses the limited culture of standards setting within the New Zealand recordkeeping profession, how a standard-setting group emerged during the restructure of National Archives, and how standards are evolving into regulatory and operational tools for the Archives. In addition, an outline is given of a government-wide initiative focusing on an information management framework and the need for standards to support its principles, as well as a summary of lessons learned in the development of specific recordkeeping standards. Parts of this paper were originally presented at the 1999 Association of Canadian Archivists/Archives Associationof Ontario Conference.


L’article examine la théorie et la pratique de la gestion publique telle qu’ellea évolué en Nouvelle-Zélande et aborde le rôle de la normalization telle qu’elle s’appli-que à la gestion des documents dans cet environnement. Il aborde le développement dela gestion des documents comme profession ainsi que la création des Archives nationales de la Nouvelle-Zélande et les récents changements qui les ont affectées. Constatant la culture limitée des gestionnaires de documents néo-zélandais en matière denormalisation, l’article montre qu’un groupe intéressé à la normalisation s’est formé aucours de la restructuration des Archives nationales et comment les normes évoluent pour devenir des outils réglementaires et opérationnels pour les Archives. De plus, l’article présente les grandes lignes d’une initiative pan-gouvernementale mettant l’accent sur un cadre de gestion de l’information et les besoins de normalisation destinés à en soutenir les principes. On présente aussi un sommaire des leçons tirées lorsde l’élaboration de normes spécifiques à la gestion des documents. Une partie de cet article a été présentée au congrès organisé conjointement par l’Association of Canadian Archivists et l’Association des archives de l’Ontario en 1999.

Author Biography

Michael Hoyle
Michael Hoyle is the Manager of the Statutory Regulatory Group at the National Archives of New Zealand in Wellington. He has a BA from the Australian National University (Canberra), a Graduate Diploma in Librarianship from the University of Canberra, and is currently completing a Masters in Information Management and Systems (Recordkeeping) at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Michael has a broad information management background, having worked at the National Archives of Australia in both Canberra and Sydney, the Commonwealth Department of Finance, as well as the Canberra offices of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Library, and the National Gallery of Australia library. Between 1996 and 1999 he served on the Council of the Archives and Records Association of New Zealand where he co-ordinated the association’s Professional Activities Group and was a member of its Education and Training Committee. Michael has presented numerous conference papers, seminars, and workshops on various aspects of recordkeeping in New Zealand.
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Hoyle, Michael. 1999. “Review, Restructure, and Reform: Record-Keeping Standards in the New Zealand State Sector”. Archivaria 48 (February), 44-63.