The Protection of the Integrity of Electronic Records: An Overview of the UBC-MAS Research Project

  • Luciana Duranti
  • Heather MacNeil


The research project currently underway at the University of British Columbia's Master of Archival Studies Programme is directed toward identifying and defining the requirements for creating, handling, and preserving reliable and authentic electronic records. This article provides an overview of the research project, outlining its objectives and methodology, summarizing its conceptual analysis, and presenting its major findings to date.


Le projet de recherche en cours au Programme de maîtrise en études archivistiques de l'Université de la Colombie-britannique vise à identifier et à définir les conditions requises pour la création, la manipulation et la sauvegarde de documents informatiques sûrs et authentiques. Cet article brosse un tableau du projet de recherche en soulignant ses objectifs et sa méthodologie, en résumant son analyse conceptuelle et en présentant ses principales conclusions.

Author Biographies

Luciana Duranti

Luciana Duranti is Associate Professor in the Masters of Archival Studies Programme (MAS) at the School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies, University of British Columbia, a position she has held since 1987. Prior to this, she was a Researcher Professor in the Special School for Archivists and Librarians at the University of Rome (1982-87); served as State Archivist in the State Archives of Rome (1978-1982); and was project Archivist for the Italian National Research Council (1974-77). Professor Duranti holds a Doctorate in Arts (1973) and a Master ofArchival Science (1975) from the University of Rome, and a Master of Archivistics, Paleography, and Diplomatics from the School of Archivistics, Paleography, and Diplomatics of the State Archives of Rome (1979). In addition to her university responsibilities, she is active nationally and internationally in several archival associations, gives numerous papers and workshops in several countries, and publishes widely on archival history and theory, and on diplomatics.

Heather MacNeil

Heather MacNeil received her M.A. in English from Simon Fraser University in 1984 and her M.A.S. from the University of British Columbia in 1987. She has worked as a records archivist at the University of Toronto Archives, as Project Coordinator for the Bureau of Canadian Archivists Planning Committee on Descriptive Standards, and as government records archivist for the National Archives of Canada in the BC region. She is currently pursuing interdisciplinary doctoral studies in law, history, and archival science at the University of British Columbia, studying the concept of documentary evidence from the perspective of each of these disciplines.

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Duranti, Luciana, and Heather MacNeil. 1996. “The Protection of the Integrity of Electronic Records: An Overview of the UBC-MAS Research Project”. Archivaria 42 (October), 46-67.

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