The Canadian Spiritualist Movement and Sources for its Study

  • Joy Lowe
  • Walter J. Meyer Zu Erpen

Author Biographies

Joy Lowe
Joy Lowe has been an ordained Spiritualist minister since 1971. She was educated in England in an active Spiritualist environment, since both of her parents were lifetime Spiritualists and church platform workers, and emigrated to Canada in late 1956. Her practicum consisted of working for the Open Door Spiritualist Church in Victoria and the Victoria Healing Centre, and conducting independent Spiritualist study groups. She also studied with the Moody Bible Institute, and with the Church of the Latter Day Saints for two years.
Walter J. Meyer Zu Erpen
Walter Meyer zu Erpen holds a B.A. in Canadian history and French (1982) and a Master of Archival Studies (1985), both degrees from the University of British Columbia, and is also a Certified Records Manager. In January 1985, he began work at the British Columbia Records Management Branch as a records analyst. Upon the amalgamation of the Records Management Branch and the Provincial Archives of British Columbia in March 1989, he was appointed Manager of the Appraisal and Acquisition Section of the newly formed British Columbia Archives and Records Service (BCARS). For the past fifteen years, Walter has explored, largely through the Spiritualist church in Canada, the question of personal survival of death and the possibility of spirit communication.
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Lowe, Joy, and Walter J. Meyer Zu Erpen. 1990. “The Canadian Spiritualist Movement and Sources for Its Study”. Archivaria 30 (January).

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