Outreach in a Small Archives: A Case Study

  • Ann ten Cate

Author Biography

Ann ten Cate
Ann ten Cate is Regional Archivist, Region of Peel Archives, Brampton, Ontario. Prior to assuming this position, she was Staff Archivist with the Region of Peel Archives (1984-1986), and Archives Technician with the Anglican General Synod Archives, Toronto (1981-1984). Ann has been very active in the Toronto Area Archivists Group (TAAG), and is currently Secretary of the Municipal Archivists Special Interest Section of the Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA). She received a BA in History from the University of Toronto in 1981.
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ten Cate, Ann. 1989. “Outreach in a Small Archives: A Case Study”. Archivaria 28 (January), 28-35. https://www.archivaria.ca/index.php/archivaria/article/view/11568.