The Archive as a Literary Genre: Some Theoretical Speculations

  • Pamela Banting

Author Biography

Pamela Banting
Pamela Banting was Research Associate for the Dorothy Livesay Research Tool Project in the Department of Archives and Special Collections, University of Manitoba, in 1985. She published an article entitled "Dorothy Livesay's Notations of Love and the Stance Dance of the Female Poet in Relation to Language" in Contemporary Verse Two, 8, no. 3 (September 1984). An interview of Livesay by Banting and Kristjana Gunnars appears in the Fall '86 issue of Prairie Fire.
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Banting, Pamela. 1986. “The Archive As a Literary Genre: Some Theoretical Speculations”. Archivaria 23 (January), 119-22.
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