An Unusual Case Study: A Designated Official Record

  • Elizabeth M. McCrum
  • Alan D. Ridge

Author Biographies

Elizabeth M. McCrum
M. ELIZABETH MCCRUM is a volunteer worker at the Provincial Archives of Alberta, and has assisted with the arrangement and cataloguing of the records of the Anglican Dioceses of Edmonton and Athabasca. She is the author of a centennial history of the Diocese of Athabasca, A Register o Service, and the editor of the letters of Lovisa f McDougall, an early Edmonton pioneer.
Alan D. Ridge
ALAN D. RIDGE, Provincial Archivist of Alberta for the past eight years, has written several articles and assisted in various education courses for archivists and local historians in the United Kingdom and Canada since 1955.
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McCrum, Elizabeth M., and Alan D. Ridge. 1976. “An Unusual Case Study: A Designated Official Record”. Archivaria 3 (January), 79-87.
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